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Frequently asked questions

What will happen if water conditions are not favorable to swim?

Water conditions will be repeatedly announced race morning when the transition area opens. If water conditions are not favorable, “Triathletes” will then be converted to their respective sprint or olympic distance duathlon. Determination if swim is favorable is determined by race director, swim lifeguard coordinator and Sheriff department. If it’s determined the swim takes place, however, an athlete is not comfortable with the announced water conditions, athlete may switch to the duathlon.

How deep is the water?

Swimming along the shoreline, the water depth will vary from 5′ to 10′.

What is the water temperature?

Lake Michigan is one of the largest lakes in the US. Water temperatures can range from 58 to 75 degrees in the month of July. Wetsuits are strongly encouraged. We will repeatedly announce water conditions on race morning, when the transition area opens.

Can I rent a wetsuit?

Race organizers will not provide nor source out equipment rentals. Some wetsuit manufacturers (ie: XTERRA) do rent wetsuits and we suggest you contact them. We strongly encourage that you only use equipment that you have trained with and are comfortable with.

After exiting the water, may I leave my wetsuit, cap and goggles at the beach, on the boardwalk or with a friend/family member before running to the transition area?

NO! Athletes may not receive ANY outside assistance or leave your equipment. This means that ANYTHING you bring to the water/boardwalk, YOU must bring back to your designated spot in the transition area. Failure to comply with these rules will result in penalties of “Outside Assistance”, “Littering” or “Equipment Abandonment”.

May I leave footwear and/or a rinse pail at the swim exit/boardwalk to wear for my run to the transition?

Yes, you’re welcome to leave shoes, sandals, watersocks or anything you want to wear for the run to the transition area. These may be left on the boardwalk by the boulders near the swim exit. Again, athletes may not receive ANY outside assistance. Race organizers are not responsible for theft or loss of athlete’s gear or equipment.

Will bike support be provided?

Breakaway Bicycles and Fitness is our official bicycle store and will provide “minor” technical and service support.

Where will the duathlon 1st run start?

The first run of the duathlon will start from the “Run Out” lane, next to the finish lane, just outside of the “RUN OUT” area of the transition.

Are refunds, deferrals or changes allowed?

We do NOT give refunds for any reasons. However, we do allow deferrals to the following year, transfers to another Tris4Health event or changes to your event. All deferrals or transfers must be done no later than 30 days prior to the event date.

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